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Wedge Holdings CO., LTD.

Mission: The Asian Value Innovator

In 2010, we decided that “The Asian Value Innovator”is our mission.” Currently business in Southeast Asia accounts for most of our sales and profit, and we will continue to expand our business mainly in Southeast-Asia.

Business Overview

Wedge Holdings Group is an integrated company focusing on four areas such as “business investment”, “finance”, “content business” and “product development and merchandising” with many creators and specialists.

Business Investment

Business investment in Japan and overseas, management of investment partnership.


Leasing business, leasing motorcycles in Thailand.

Content Business

Publishing, card games, music, editing, and media related business.

Business Outline

Wedge Holdings CO., LTD.
Paid in capital JPY 3,977,648,270 (As of February 2018)


Hulic Nihonbashihoncho 1-chome Bldg. 8F 1-9-4
Nihonbashi hon-cho, Chuou-ku, Tokyo 103-0023

Representative Directors

CEO&President: Tatsuya Konoshita

Affiliated Companies

Pepto One Nutrition CO., LTD.
Group Lease Public Company Limited.
Engine Holdings Asia Pte.Ltd.
(As of October 2010)



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