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The Asian Value Innovator
Wedge Holdings Group has been developing its multi-business in Japan and South-East Asia by implementing ‘The Asia Value Innovator’ as the company’s keyword.

For instance, the contents business, mainly based in Japan, has created and published many games, books and comics which is delivered to many customers alongside with the creation of many Japanese based characters and original storylines. We create products with unique values from the experience of helping many talented creators in Japan.

On the other hand in South-East Asia, our company’s finance business provides full financial support to customers who are planning to buy motorcycles. To the people in South-East Asia, the motor cycle is known as their daily transport as well as an important asset. Through providing financial support to the people, our group’s finance business plays the role as the country’s economic growth accelerator by promoting domestic spending. Our group is also involved in many other businesses in the growing economy of South East Asia as a pursuance for the growth of our corporate group.

Although each business differs from one another, we will continue to create and cultivate unique values in accordance to each nation in Asia. With the diversity of our group, which majority sales and profits comes from businesses in Asia, we will discover and spread new values by focusing on the development of businesses in Asia.


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